Tips and Tricks for Stop Motion Animation Style from Aulion

If interprete literally, explosion means explosion while cotton means cotton. The use of this style is to make an object visible from invisible to visible or vice versa. Then in this stop motion style animation, friends can use the basic material cotton with various other materials such as dacron, cleaning cotton, special first aid cotton and others. 2. Photo by Youtube Video/ Aulion From the name of the animation style , explosion means explosion, while paper means paper. And the result of this style is that the basic material is only paper.

Explosion Paper Style

Apart from that, the types of paper that can be adjust include cardboard, HVS paper, art cardboard, newspapers and others. Then how to apply the paper explosion style animation. According to Aulion himself, applying this style can be created again Lebanon WhatsApp Number Data by friends with their own creations. Then Aulion’s tips and tricks, namely attach the paper to a meium that can be use as a holder (attache to the paper), after that mark the middle with a  the initial photo Then slowly make the tear bigger with each movement by taking photos. These tips and tricks are useful for showing tear after tear of paper slowly in detail.

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Explosion Cotton Animation Style

Circular Transition Animation Style This transition style is very different from the previous one, in the circular transition style this means the transition is Uruguay WhatsApp Number List circular or rotates clockwise or counterclockwise. With that, the tips and tricks that Aulion shared, require objects that have the same color to form smoother and less harsh transition changes. For example, using a yellow Lego object with a yellow  to the right and the second bottle cap object in the opposite direction by adjusting back to the previous object as a smooth transition change.

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