New Developments in Instagram Features to Date

The presence of Instagram in 2010, not many New Developments people still used it because at that time there were still few cellphones. Starting with uploading photos and videos on the Instagram feed with text captions such as narratives, now Instagram features have emerged with various benefits that can increase users. Among the changes in Instagram features every year, these feature changes appeared from The following is an explanation of some of the newest features from each year for friends 7. Instagram Filter Feature 10 Custom B1fbd Photo by When special filters from Instagram first appeared in 2017.

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All users were very happy to be able to play with funny filters. However, over time in 2019 he was able to upload the results of his filter creation work to  Philippines WhatsApp Number Data Instagram in general. And now more and more people are competing to create good filters on Instagram so that people can continue to use their filters. 8. Instagram Restrict feature for anti- bullying Photo by  This feature is one that This can overcome any form of bullying . Then how to use and set this restrict feature , Enter the IG user you want to restrict Click the three dot symbol at the top right, then tap restrict Then, after using restrict.

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Instagram Reels feature

You can limit interactions on your account 9. Photo by Personal This Instagram feature can be used to record videos with a maximum duration of 90 seconds, and a minimum of 15 to 60 seconds. Apart from that, the reels feature can edit videos and photos with  Colombia WhatsApp Number List various interesting effects which increase the creativity of Instagram account users . In between, when you want to edit, there are various options, from timer, effects, speed, layout, audio and length. However, the reels feature on Instagram looks very much like the features on the TikTok application, such as being able to edit directly in the feature, for friends to use every day, but the choice of the similar features of the two applications will bring back comfort in using it.

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