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In our previous article, we talked about Peppol , what it is and how its infrastructure works and how it can support companies and public administrations in the digitalization of procurement processes. In this contribution, however, we want to focus on the relationship between electronic invoicing and Peppol and, in particular, on the role that Peppol has demonstrated it can play in the diffusion of electronic invoicing abroad , thanks to its characteristics.

How popular is Peppol

Since it was just a pilot project in 2008, Peppol has grown Singapore Phone Number List to become a deeply structured network, involving professionals, businesses and public organizations from all over the world. Initially, Peppol was supposed to represent the solution to allow commercial exchanges between entities and companies established in different states of the European Union. It should, therefore, constitute one of the main tools to achieve the creation of a single market in Europe .

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But Peppol was able to

Immediately attract the interest of other Japan Phone Number List countries, quickly spreading far beyond European borders. Considering the data made available by OpenPeppol, the non-profit association that manages the network, according to the latest update of June 2022, there are 41 countries in the world participating in the Peppol network . Of these, most belong to the European Union, as is natural to imagine. But among the non-European countries that have chosen to join the network we find significant presences .

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