Programming Languages ​​That Can Help You Create a Website


Programming languages ​​are part of developing a ​​That Can Help website and are instructions from programmers for computers to be able to run a program. Programming languages ​​contain commands that will later. Become logic that can be understood by computers. Some of the output from using programming languages ​​are operations, desktop applications , websites , mobile applications , and technological devices that are often use in everyday life. The programming language itself certainly has a function, namely as a tool for developing systems and programs and as a communication meium between programmers and computers.

JavaScript (JS)

In this era, it will certainly be an advantage if you understand how to operate and use programming languages, especially if you have a business in the economic or creative meia sector, of course this will help you get a larger audience and increase  Netherlands WhatsApp Number Data the cribility of your brand/product. So, what are the types? Check out the explanation below, OK? 1. C Programming Language Photo by.  This first programming language can be read as  language was develop by. Microsoft and uses XML-base web services. Not suitable for those of you who are still beginners in the world of programming to learn because it is quite difficult.

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Programming Language

This language certainly has advantages, including: it is very compatible with the Windows ecosystem, more modern and easier to of this language is that C is less flexible for other platforms because it is dependent on the .NET platform. 2. Photo by Argentina WhatsApp Number List  JavaScript is one of the oldest languages ​​in the world and was develope in 1995 when websites were developing rapidly. Apart from developing websites,  at making websites more dynamic and interactive. The advantages of the JavaScript programming language include: it can shorten the loading time of website pages from the server, allows it to be us with other programming languages, and is easy for beginners to lea.

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