Working multiple jobs but only getting paid for one

Before officially joining the company. the company clearly said that there would be no overtime. or that overtime would only be requir occasionally. but after entering the company. The workers felt that they were deceiv. That’s fine. after all. it’s not easy to find a job.  and some workers can choose to endure it. But what’s the matter with not getting paid for overtime? Working overtime every day.  But the company doesn’t pay overtime. and even uses “more work, more pay, don’t be too picky. to beautify this behavior. If you work overtime. because you are inefficient, then you shouldn’t ask for too much; but if the company often asks you to work overtime to catch up with the progress, but doesn’t pay overtime, are you really willing to stay for a long time.


You studied major A in college and planned

To work in this industry in the future, but after Belgium Phone Number List graduation you found a job in the field of major B. This situation is not uncommon. The industry you work in does not necessarily have to be link to your college major. However, if the two majors are very different and you have no. interest in the field you are currently working in. you should carefully consider whether to continue. Some companies even ask you to do odd jobs. No matter how hard you work, you still have no chance to get involve in work content that you can learn from. In this case, it is better to pack up and leave as soon as possible.

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When a company is short of staff

It is likely that employees will have to take on multiple roles. This is unavoidable. Even if new people are hir, it still takes some time to train them. However, if you can only get the salary for one job while taking on multiple roles it is too tragic. The salary is not high to begin with. and now you spend most of your time at work and cannot rest well but you cannot get a reward in terms Afghanistan Phone Number List of salary. After a long time.  you will also become burnout.

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