Women’s Day: 4 Entrepreneurial and Innovative Peruvian Women You Should Know

Peruvian women challenge stereotypes and contribute significantly Entrepreneurial and  to the development and strengthening of the Peruvian business environment and making it more equitable and inclusive. According to figures from the Lima Chamber of Commerce, 7 out of every 10 new ventures in Peru are led by women In this context and in commemoration of International Women’s Day, we present four Peruvian women who have emerged as outstanding leaders within the entrepreneurial ecosystem of our country. These visionaries have not only demonstrated a remarkable ability to innovate, but are also making a mark in their respective.

Daniela Cervantes

Engineer, has forged a path of success as Director of the Technological Association of Peru (ATP) and as CEO at Yapaykuy , an organization committed Canada Mobile Number Database to improving the accessibility of customer services for people with disabilities. At Yapaykuy, Gianina and her team have leveraged technology to develop a voice-to-text and text-to-speech translator, allowing people with disabilities to receive information clearly and accurately. Additionally, they offer braille translation services to ensure inclusion. Its work also includes the certification of establishments in collaboration with CONADIS, having certified more than 80 establishments that are committed to providing dignified and quality care.

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Giannina Honorio

Positively transform people’s lives and society as a whole. With more than a decade of experience in the stock market, Daniela Cevantes has managed to Albania Mobile Number List achieve success by founding Golden Capital FX , a broker with a Latin American focus that aims to promote innovation and facilitate people’s access to international financial markets. . Their company operates through digital platforms, and in addition to providing transparent and direct access to this market, they are responsible for accompanying and educating their clients from scratch, especially those who do not have investment experience and need guidance to make informed decisions. . The success of Golden Capital FX is not only the result of Daniela’s vision, but also the joint effort of a team of young traders who share the dream of offering an excellent trading service.

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