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Understanding this, Roberto Argandoña Fiori, professor communicate successfully at CIDE-PUCP and director of the Funnel Agency , shares with us five tips designed to optimize your interaction through WhatsApp so that you can successfully communicate with your clients and ensure them a satisfactory experience. 1. The first step towards professional communication is to migrate your personal WhatsApp to the company version, WhatsApp Business. This free app not only provides a more corporate and professional look, but also offers business-specific functionalities.

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You can personalize your profile with a catalog, web address, email, opening hours, and welcome or leave messages. 2. Time is an essential factor in converting contacts into clients or business partners. When the interaction is with customers, the Japan Mobile Database transition is quick because the purchasing process tends to be brief, while when it comes to other companies it can last for months. The key is patience and understanding that each contact has a unique decision-making process. 3. Attract Customers Two key strategies to attract potential clients are: through organic content and ads about your services. In both cases, be sure to include your WhatsApp number or, preferably, a shortened link that leads directly to your business account.

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Time and strategy

Complemented with a strategy for in-person business meetings, where our number can be distributed easily. 4. Know and Respect the Limits Avoid invasive practices that could harm the reputation of your business. Do not contact people without their Azerbaijan Phone Number List consent, avoid sending large files and repetitive messages. These actions could result in your WhatsApp Business account being blocked or reported as offensive. Additionally, respect office hours and use an appropriate tone to maintain quality in your messages and not lose the customer’s attention. 5. Strategy Measurement: is it working? The effectiveness of your WhatsApp strategy is measured in the conversion of messages into purchases or other predefined conversions. Since WhatsApp is a channel closer to the purchase decision, analyze.

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