Whether to acquire new foreign assets

In addition to some new restrictions, starting from 2017, individuals who own assets and rights abroad under Law No. 1 are also to declare flag tax. Those who choose to specify controlled entity assets are the same as if they are assets (Art. . Steps and Key Questions in Filing a Corporation The first step is to download the plan available on the tax website. The application is the same whether you have a company or not. The annual filing deadline is from January to September. It is important to have documentation proving the annual adjustment with you at your head or in your car when filling out your return. For inspection purposes they must be kept for at least one year after the year in which the statement was sent.

Includes values ​​related to official

Social security contributions using the values ​​shown in Income Report – Table of Official Social Security Contributions – Taxable Income, and Income Tax Withheld at Source. Income tax withheld at source takes into account the values Oman Mobile Number List ​​shown in the table on Income Report – Income Tax Withheld at Source – Taxable Income, and Income Tax Withheld at Source. The monthly salary does not apply to the amount of dividends by supporting workers. It is the company’s profit to shareholders in the form of dividends without payment. This value applies if your company was profitable in the previous year and can be without incurring or. This information must also appear on earnings reports.

How to declare it is as follows In the tab Tax

Free and Non Taxable Income go to Items – Profits and Dividends by Held and Dependents then click on the $ sign and fill in the income report with the data included. Note that if you choose you must declare income other than preferential labor, rent and Bulgaria Phone Number List services under – Select Micro Enterprise or Small Business Partnership or Owner. For value please consider what is shown in the table on income declaration – profits and dividends paid by legal entities – tax-exempt and non-taxable income. Reimbursable expenses cannot be as they are not income in nature but are and are reimbursable by the company in accordance with the conditions to by the partnership.

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