Two Entrepreneurs Who Took a Risk with Their Own Business: Lima Pop Up and El Clan

However, not all ventures manage to  Took a Risk  consolidate, as many novice entrepreneurs are unaware of key aspects such as financial management or the development of a business plan. In the following note we will tell you about two businesses that were born as an idea and today are a reality. Lima Pop Up and El Clan are two ventures led by graduates of the CIDE PUCP Diploma in Studies for the Creation of New Businesses . Source: TikTok Lima Pop Up Jesibel Rosillo always dreamed of having her own business, but she didn’t know where to start. As a lawyer by profession, she lacked knowledge about other areas of the business world, such as marketing and finance.

Lima Pop Up – Concept Store

Furthermore, her initial idea of ​​selling frozen dog food seemed very complicated and expensive to implement. It was then Took a Risk that a simpler and more profitable idea occurred to him: create a concept store that brought together different Peruvian clothing brands, which were not competitors, but complemented each other. This is how Brazil Mobile Number Database Lima Pop Up was born , a multi-brand store that offers a variety of styles and trends. Jesibel launched her business 3 months ago and transformed her premises into a modern and welcoming space, where emerging brands can display and sell their products, as well as participate in joint campaigns and offers, such as the one they did for Valentine’s Day. Source: Instagram Lima Pop Up To carry out her project, Jesibel decided to train .

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El Clan – Craft Beer

According to her, what helped her the most were the courses that taught her how to develop a strategic plan, how to do a market analysis, the design of her store and the financial management of her business. Thanks to the mentoring she rec Argentina Phone Number List eived from her, she was  able to define her objectives, prioritize her tasks and organize her time, without neglecting her work as a lawyer. However, entrepreneurship is not easy and she had to face several challenges and adapt to the needs of her clients and suppliers. One of the problems she had was the excess inventory that the brands left her, which took up space and generated expenses. To solve it, she came up with the idea of ​​implementing pick-up points, where entrepreneurs could leave her stock.

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