Tips for Keeping Videography Lighting Equipment Well Maintained

Maintaining the bulb is one of the main Videography Lighting instruments, namely checking the overall physical condition of several types, usually the bulb will burn if it breaks or is damage. However, the bulb should not be held directly after it has finishe using it, because touching your hand will leave fingerprints in the form of a thin layer of fat, as.

Light Bulbs

A result the temperature in the place Videography Lighting where it is held will be excessive and trigger the bulb to break quickly and even break when the temperature  Poland WhatsApp Number Data is high. Keep the bulb clean from dust by simply cleaning it with 70% alcohol or wiping it evenly and periodically. 2. Cable Caring for cables is not just about knowing how to roll them. However, when using cables, usually every year the cable starts to become brittle, the casing hardens or stiffens, and make sure there is no white crust of corrosion on the cable. Before use, check.

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Stand Lampu Lighting

The cable with a multitester to measure the electrical components. This is done by finding between the end of the socket and. The headlamp casing , make Egypt WhatsApp Number List there are no connections between them. 3. When using this light stand. Ensure that the device is folde in the correct. Position and plac back in  legs on the stand are hit too hard it will result in dents and damage. As a result, if it is dente, it cannot be remove or vice versa.

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