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Production house is a general term in the creative Production Houses industry which refers to companies engage in the production of audio, visual, audiovisual works and television or radio programs in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in a country. Another definition according to Laksono, a production house is a business entity that has the organization and expertise in producing audio and audiovisual programs to be presente to the public, either directly or through a broadcasting house.

History of Kinaja as a Production House

Production House (PH) also manages motion or static information where the information obtain comes from humans or existing events. Production houses have several characteristics that are different from other companies, including a relativeĀ  UAE WhatsApp Number Data working period of 24 hours a day, not working base on bureaucracy, flexible rules, democratic, creative, mutual respect, mutual trust, and mutual understanding between leaders and ireative Synergy, which has a vision and mission to develop Kinaja further by creating a special business unit call which chooses to focus on the creative industry, including through videographics, web design, banner design, targeting large companies to government agencies.

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Arti Nama Kinaja

The presence of Kinaja was also forme as a production house that focuses on branding, design, digital development and content production. The El Salvador WhatsApp Number List meaning of Kinaja begins with combining two words into an abbreviation, namely “BiKin Aja”. He said, this stems from the habit of students who often engage in discourse rather than doing something real. Most concepts will actually make peopleĀ  “Just Make It”, seems to be a reminder that whatever comes to our mind, just turn it into a work. Whether it’s good or not, whether it’s useful or not, can be discusse later.

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