The Delivery App Market Only Grew In Brazil

Ever since I started researching the areas of digital marketing, user experience and e-commerce in Brazil, I have always been a big fan of the growth of service apps. It took a while for the country to make it possible for Brazilian citizens to start consuming via mobile phones.

First, there was the high cost of devices with better technical capabilities and virtual space for data storage, in addition to the poor delivery of mobile phone service throughout the country, which took a long time to evolve from 3G to 4G. Today, we live with a transitory service and do not know when 5G will arrive for us Brazilians, due to a political war over the choice of 5G technology in the country. Even so, with the emergence of the pandemic in March of last year, the closure of everything and the impossibility of people moving around, the delivery service via apps caused the ordering and delivery services to grow exponentially throughout the year, arriving in 2021 with numerous advances in relation to its use and consumption.

The advancement of delivery apps

Apps like Ifood, Uber Eats and Rappi have started to review their services. If Ifood previously only delivered ready-made food, it has now started to offer food purchase and delivery services.

Uber Eats followed suit and changed its service model, expanding to shopping and deliveries, and Rappi followed suit. The standard of services increased due to the market demand caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and in many cases it also became a new job for those who lost theirs during the same period.

It was a way to reposition itself and make home delivery a new job and Switzerland Mobile Number List consumption market because even the least connected citizens started to consume through apps. It was a technological and market advancement that Brazil did not expect and this growth made the big restaurant brands themselves, such as McDonald’s, Bob’s, Burger King, among others,

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also improve and develop even more in the delivery segment.

Another important point was the emergence of new applications that came to compete in Albania Phone Number List this market, such as James (linked to Grupo Pão de Açúcar), Eu Entrego and Box Delivery. The Eu Entrego group integrates stores and markets with people who want to work as integrated workers and its growth was enormous in a short period of time, still within the year 2020.

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