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The project involve the publication of a story about a native of the Engadin every week. We start with Lea Bruss, twenty-one years old and with a passion for climbing. Lenser Heide, in Switzerland, on May 7, when phase 2 had already begun, it put its hands forward by publishing an article on its website relating to the situation and the solutions that could be adopt. The idea was to convey the desire to leave again but in total safety.

The Swiss resort which despite

The pandemic, seems to be increasingly under Turkey Phone Numbers control, will “readjust” its summer offers in order to contain any other infections. His “risk-free project” is call the “Corona Task Force”. The focus is primarily on the health of tourists and the population and the new #discoverlenzerheide summer campaign is mainly bas on this aspect. On 8 June, the start of the lifts and refuges at high altitudes. Blog Lenser Heide On the Italian side, on the other hand, the novelties and adaptations also by to emerge as early as mid-May.

An example of success is the

Turkey Phone Numbers

Golden Palace in Turin which relaunches itself Algeria Phone Number List on the market as the “Grand Hotel Salute”. Its hospitality formula is tailor-made for the post-Covid season. Since 18 May, it has in fact combin a classic standard stay with daily mical and nursing assistance, personaliz diet, entertainment, gym, personal trainer. Even in the digital world we adapt. Google has introduc an important novelty, the “Pay per Stay”, for users of the Travel Ads system: the commissions for advertisements relating to the offers of the structures will be paid only after the stay has taken place.

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