Techniques for Printing Designs on Stencil Printing with T-shirt Material

For friends who are studying printing design, in this article you will learn about one type of Stencil printing. Apart from that, you can understand the basic meaning and use of stencil printing. Let’s look at the discussion. The definition of Stencil Printing is a printing technique that utilizes pri templates/prints in the form of paper that are perforat according to the image or design using a sharp object such as a cutter or sticker cutting machine. Then the next process is that the cliche that has been punche in will be pour with ink.

The results are heated

So that the image is nee as a reference when transferring it to printe meia such as paper and cloth (t-shirts). From the understanding of stencil printing, friends can start to prepare, read carefully and share how to print stencil printing techniques  Taiwan WhatsApp Number Data using t-shirt meia: 1. Prepare the necessary printing stencil materials In this first stage, friends, prepare: paper or sticker paper Screen T54 and rakel Extender ink and color pigment Chaos polo Clear and cave insulation (to put ink on the screen2. Make a stencil printing reference At this stage The reference is attac to.

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Stencil printing process

The screen printing screen mia in reverse Photo by Ronan In this process. The results of the image that has been done previously are directly glue to. The screen printing screen meia using clear insulation. When the screen mia Belgium WhatsApp Number List is glue, it must be completely isolate so that there is no ink leakage when it is inserte or poure. 4. Photo by Hai Trieu Uniform on Unsplash This part of the process is very difficult and requires high concentration. Namely placing the screen meia on the fabric/t-shirt to be printe and then pulling the ink. That has been pour with a rake so that produce visuals nee to go through 3 stages. Namely hairdryer, drying and ironing. There are 3 stages so that the ink can absorb well.

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