Must Try! Here are 6 Tips for Shooting Horror Films

Horror films are often the favorites at the Indonesian and foreign box offices. Apart from the fact that many people like scary films, horror films are also quite popular because they go viral or are an alternative choice when they are bored of watching the same genre. Recently, horror films in Indonesia have become popular again thanks to the release of “KKN Di Desa Penari” which has reportedly reached 9 million viewers as of June 5 2022. Apart from that, films of a similar genre such as “Servant of Satan 2” will be released next August Indonesian viewers are also eagerly awaiting it.

Three Scary Acts

Apart from the virality of scary films in Indonesia, are you curious about how to shoot these films so they can be tense and exciting? How do you create a scary¬†UK WhatsApp Number Data atmosphere? So, this time Kinaja will discuss tips for shooting horror films. Check out the following post. 1. According to , three scary acts or three stages of horror are very fundamental elements in making a horror film. The rounds are Downtime, Build-up, and Scare . Downtime is a round where the character and the audience are also given the opportunity to ‘breathe’, meaning they are given time to think about what happened.

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POV push-in

The build-up is the part where the character’s tension begins to build little by little. Lastly, scare is of course part of the appearance of scary scenes. In Greece WhatsApp Number List making Build-Up , there are three camera techniques that can be used. a. This type of shot depicts a character’s experience by placing the¬† Outdoor A spacious room is synonymous with weakness. You can create an open space by using a large location that makes the character feel threatened. c. An invisible threat Providing a jump scare is very crucial.

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