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Are tables that contain instructions on how to transform the tone and color of an image andor movie. These instructions are used to remap the numerical values of the colors from a starting point.

That of the original photo or movie.

To a precise destination point that of the lut. In simple terms a lut is a sort of preset that takes the colors of an image.

Of a movie. And corrects them according to the values contained in the lut scheme. Imagine that you have photographed a red glass on a light blue table and that you have applied a lut.

At random. In adobe photoshop you will see how later you notic Hong Kong Phone Number List e that the glass now has a less saturated red and the table a light blue that tends towards green.

The lut that was applied evidently included instructions to desaturate the red tones and shift remap the cyan tones towards green. There are different formats and types of luts.

The d ones. For example. Are the most precise. Because they describe the color transformation in more detail according to the most extensive chromatic spectrum.

The downside is that a d lut to be applied and rendered will make your work take longer unless your hardware is truly professional. What are luts for? Let.

s now clarify the reasons why luts are used. Based on their fun


ction we will have setmonitor luts. Development luts and postproduction luts. Lut from setmonitor when shooting with cameras that shoot in log or raw it is completely normal to expect our footage to appear flat.

Desaturated and lacking contrast in these situations it is therefore appropriate to use monitors that apply a lut in real time. Such as the rec. To simulate an appearance as close as possible to reality.

Hoise the rec is considered to all intents and purposes a standard for high definition tele Afghanistan Phone Number List visions. An example of a log shot and of the same with a lut applied development luts both on set.

But also after and outside of it.

Luts can be created which have the purpose of fixing a certain type of image correction and establishing the aesthetics of the shot being shot.

Thanks to these development luts. A director of photography can verify the general effect of the shot taken. And give indications to those who will take care of the color grading to keep the aesthetics of the shot as consistent as possible between the different shots.

Post production lut those correction tables that serve to give a certain look to images are certainly the most popular and sought after. This type of lut includes those that simulate different types of film and are able to emulate how the colors and contrasts would alter depending on the printing on that type of film.

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