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In the past few weeks,  has become a topic of conversation among many people, including Indonesian netizens. Mixue is becoming increasingly popular because Mixue outlets are spread everywhere, so why is Mixue in so many places? Check out the explanation below. Photo by Zhang Hongchao is the name of the owner of Mixue who initially sold shaved ice and had small capital as a result of part-time work and a loan from his grandmother. Mixue, which originates from a country known as the Land of the Bamboo Curtain, is a brand that sells ice cream and tea drinks such as: Mixue Ice Cream, Jasmine Tea Ice Cream, Boba Sundae, Peach Mi-Shake and many more. Mixue was originally.

Mixue’s price is quite affordable

Started business in Indonesia in 2020. Mixue’s first branch in Indonesia is in Cihampelas Walk, Bandung. Here are 2 reasons why Mixue is everywhere: 1. Photo by Jojo Yuen on Unsplash The very affordable price and delicious taste France WhatsApp Number Data make Mixue a popular seller. The price of one cone of Mixue ice cream is priced at 8 thousand rupiah, while other drinks have prices starting from 10 thousand. Mixue has become a target among the public because of its cheap price . This is what makes public interest and demand for Mixue even higher. 2. Currently, Mixue is also going viral on social media because.

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The Mixue brand is increasing discussed by many people

People can find its outlets everywhere, even in small areas. There are so many Mixue outlets in Indonesia, in the end, there are a lot of jokes from Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List Indonesian netizens, one of which says “Just spend New Year in the dormitory, otherwise the dormitory will be empty, I’m afraid it will become a Mixue outlet”, and there are many more funny antics from netizens regarding Mixue. Mixue outlets will almost reach  outlets. So it is estimated that the entire Mixue business will reach 3.17 billion United States dollars or around 49.5 trillion rupiah.

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