Processes for Making Product Advertisements on TV

Before planning a story idea, first determine Product Advertisements the theme according to the product that will be made according to the decision with the client. 2. Determine the Story From making advertisements on TV, it is necessary to make stories according to the product request by the client. One of them forms the storyline. In short, the storyline itself is the points in the video that explain the steps in each scene. A scene in an advertisement is a short segment of an entire story that shows one continuous action bound by space, time, content (story), theme, character, or motif.

Create a floor plan

The story that is form through the storyline follows a good and simple story approach regarding problems and solutions so that the problem Hong Kong WhatsApp Number Data the viewer has is explain and the associate inconvenience is outline. Then the solution is given and the advantages are explaine. 3. Create a storyboard In this process. Visual points are determine in the presentation of advertisements which are create from. The storyline results that have been previously designe according to the storyline and ideas and adapt to the scene.

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Determine the Color Palette

Through this process the color palette is very important in. The location sets, props and camera settings with the emotional balance that has been forme in Denmark WhatsApp Number List the story idea and storyboard. 5. In this section. The floor plan designs the scene description by adjusting the location of. The story content and drawing shots in each scene, such as close up. Extreme close up, meium close up and others. Because the resulting TVC advertisement is only shown for a duration of 10 to 15 seconds.

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