Want to Become an Animator? Know the Principles First Here!

The use of squash and stretch effects in animation Want to Become serves to provide enhance and dynamic effects to certain movements in the image. This effect is usually use on living objects such as humans, animals and plants. An animator must be able to use this effect so that the image to be animate looks as if it is alive. Anticipation Anticipation is the effect of the initial movement before the main movement. For example, in running movements.

Follow Through and Overlapping Action

Before the animate object actually runs, there will be a movement of lifting the legs, arms, stepping like walking and then running. This effect is usually Korea Telegram Number Data referre to as an indicator or staging of the movement before the main movement. This principle applies to animate objects that are moving, where if the object is moving and then stops, there is one or more parts of the body that have not stoppe. For example, this occurs when an object is running. If your legs have stopp running, your hair and hands will not necessarily stop moving.

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So, an animator must be able to use this principle so that the animation that will be creat is truly like living creatures in general. Photo: Willianfujii on Pixabay This principle is usually used to help emphasize several points and ideas that you want to Algeria Telegram Number List express through movement in the animation. Usually, the effect is use to display certain expressions that are exaggerat, such as comic animation. So, those are some animation principles that you must master if you want to become an animator. If you have read the principles above, you can immediately practice starting¬† You can start taking animation classes or schools to help you understand the principles and tools to use. Don’t forget to keep practicing too.

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