New Developments in Instagram Features to Date 

The presence of Instagram in 2010, not many New Developments people still use it because at that time there were still few cellphones. Starting with uploading photos and videos on the Instagram fee with text captions such as narratives, now Instagram features have emerge with various benefits that can increase users. Among these are changes to Instagram features every year. Among the changes in features that have appear from 2017 to the present, here is an explanation of several Instagram features for friends who are loyal Instagram users.

Fitur Instagram Activity

The following is an explanation of some of the newest Instagram features from each year for friends 1. If a friend looks at the cellphone screen too often USA WhatsApp Number Data while opening Instagram, it will have a bad impact on their physical condition. So a new Instagram feature was create, namely activity, in this feature friends will know how long they have been playing Instagram and it will be record every day in minutes. This feature also makes it easier for friends to adjust their time when using the Instagram application if they want to focus on other things that ne to be done.

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Fitur Instagram Verification Request

Then this feature can also be use by parents to control their children so they don’t play on Instagram for too long and the activity feature also provides an Cyprus WhatsApp Number List alarm to limit time playing on Instagram . So you don’t nee to worry if you use Instagram later than you want. Therefore, how to use the Instagram activity feature to adjust the time: Log in to the account page  to set a temporary rest time and the time each day for users to close the Instagram application Can choose the time according to personal nes 2.

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