Martechwhat it is and why we can no longer ignore it

If digital transformation and this is a now . well-established fact-constitutes a key factor in the economic. success of companies of all sizes .in the case of marketing the use of technology is, if possible . even more fundamental . What is martech  . The word “martech .  Therefore, which arises from the fusion of the two terms “marketing” and “technology .


tools and professionalism have triggered a Saudi Arabia Phone Number List real cultural change . We’ve already talked about marketing automation . a guide to marketing automation ebook Martech has made it possible to develop a different and more sophisticated way of thinking about marketing . Therefore ,which is today no longer interpreted as a succession of separate moments – each characterized by its own dynamics .

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Martech is so successful

Among professionals because it . simplifies daily Argentina Phone Number List operations and allows . The release of creative energies previously entirely absorbed by repetitive and low-value tasks.  Therefore, Creativity comes back into circulation . so to speak .In a loop in which the technological element seemed predominant. It is once again establishing itself as a decisive asset . to be used to satisfy the – today very high . expectations of customers. Before delving.


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