Le Panierthe historic district of Marseille

Le Panier is not only the historic district of Marseille ; Le Panier is the history of Marseille , summed up in a tangle of streets and passages of time. A place that reminds us how cultural contaminations generate art and beauty, how immigration is a process that is as irreversible as it is positive and how tourism can give a lot to a city. If you also want information on what to do and see throughout Marseille, read Trip to Marseille .

what to see and what to know about.

the controversial city of France Le Panier, history USA Phone Number List of the most beautiful neighborhood in Marseille While Marseille has truly wonderful corners, from the Old Port to the top of the Major Cathedral, Le Panier was my favorite place for its political value, for the way in which it tells the story, not caring about history and its artistic pomposity, valorising an eternal present. Le Panier talks about Marseille through people. In 600 BC the Greeks landed where Le Panier is now, founding Messalia .

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which would then expand.

covering, over the centuries, the territory of Ecuador Phone Number List today’s Marseille. It soon became a neighborhood of merchants, then of natives, first of all the Genoese, then the Corsicans, then the Armenians, then the North Africans. Where there is a market, there are merchants and contamination, where there is merchandise there is money, where there are people and money, among other things, malfeasance is generated, and Marseille was no exception, at least until some year ago. Until the 1990s it was a dangerous place.


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