Interesting Things About Motion Capture in 3D Animation

The first stage is designing the room according to the scenario that has been designed by the script writer. After that, the next task is carried out by the design team who form the design from a rough drawing on paper, to 4D on the computer. Design the resulting 4D image by arranging color, lighting and other details according to perspective and composition guidelines. Add some design objects in the empty space, to increase interest in watching Prepare equipment for doing motion capture, namely using a mocap suit from gloves to clothes with the addition of a small sensor device that is attached to the clothes and left and right hands.

Tools used for motion capture

Can record and move the body as desired to suit the needs of the story. The character design is through Photoshop which has been adjusted from the results¬† Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number Data of the motion capture movements Enter the character design into the motion application After that, the stage is to edit in detail, from the movement of objects, animals, people or other things through the motion application. So the motion capture process has been completed to determine the character’s movements. r magnets in other mocap systems. By transferring data from sensors to a computer, the results will be processed and recorded.

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How to make motion capture

Not only determines the position of the sensor but also the tilt angle. While inertial systems are only used for movement tracking, they cannot capture Canada WhatsApp Number List facial expressions. Through Optical or magnetic tools, it is necessary to determine the position of the actor. It must be installed and can be additionally controlled by the actor from the presence of a device that is already there are. Usually, deviation occurs after 3 minutes. Mechanical Motion Capture Sensors In the mechanical  computer, and the data is transmitted following the movement. This mechanical motion sensor system is wired and wireless.

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