How to manage teams implementing Management 3.0

CIDE-PUCP Communications Area In the current business landscape, team management is becoming increasingly oriented towards the happiness and empowerment of collaborators. According to a study conducted by Harvard University How to manage together with MIT , employee well-being improves productivity by 31% and increases creativity by 55%. Brando Maco , expert in Management 3.0 and professor at CIDE PUCP , offers us his vision on this approach, detailing how to implement it successfully and face the challenges that appear in the process. 1.- Happiness: The Heart of Management .

Happiness: The Heart of Management 3.0

In Management 3.0 , people are the central axis of any organization. A motivated, empowered and happy team not only improves the work environment, but also boosts productivity and, therefore, business success. Management 3.0 is a “movement USA Mobile Number Database of innovation, leadership and management under agile How to manage principles .” The term emerged in the book “Management 3.0: Leading Agile Developers” created by Jurgen Appelo in 2010. This approach is not limited to simply defining what you want to achieve, but also considering how these objectives will be achieved.

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Wrong beliefs in team management

Do this, it is crucial to work on the beliefs, values ​​and customs that are being implemented at the management level. Management is not about. Criticizing what has been done so far, but rather it proposes a new perspective and tools. How to manage to optimize  Afghanistan Phone Number List work systems. Wrong. Beliefs in. Team management One of the main barriers to the implementation of Management 3.0 are beliefs related to. Traditional management. Some examples are: It is a waste of time to motivate workers, because, after all. They are. Paid to do their job. Giving workers authority to make decisions could result in the leader losing control.

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