What is a Front End Developer and Back End Developer? Let’s find out here!

Maybe you often wonder who actually works to run company applications and sites so that they continue to run well without disturbing the comfort of their users. Yes, those who have an important role behind the application or site are call front end and back end developers . A front end developer is a person whose job is to develop the appearance of a site or application through HTML , CSS and JavaScript . These three programming languages ​​are components that form URLs or links for the application you want to build. Front end developers are also task with developing.

Abilities that must be possessed

All visual components which are usually call User Interface (UI) in an application or site so that it looks attractive and beautiful. Photo: Nubelson Fernandes on Unsplash Meanwhile, back end developers are the people whose job it is to ensure that France Telegram Number Data the site or application can work and run as it should. If the front end focuses on appearance, the back end focuses on functionality. They will ensure that elements in applications and websites such as databases , features and systems can carry out their functions properly and correctly. Sometimes, many people misunderstand the duties and responsibilities of these two professions. For example, a front end developer is consider to be designing the design of an application.

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Working principles of front end and back end

In fact, designing the design is the job of the UI designer . The front end is only taske with moving the design from the UI designer into a more interactive Bahamas Telegram Number List and lively form. For this reason, Kinaja will give you two accurate explanations about these two professions. This really helps you in understanding front end and back end developers very well so that if you are interest in pursuing this profession,  Come on, take a look! Photo: ThisisEngineering RAEng on Unsplash 1. In principle, the front end focuses on the composition of a site or application.

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