Every veteran cannot escape

No matter how many years a veteran has worked, how many companies he has worked for, or how many jobs he has changed, as long as he has not found his life goals and plans, he will always be in a confused stage. There are too many choices in the workplace, making people dizzy and not knowing which direction to go to make the right choice. Therefore, some veterans often feel more confused the longer they work, and they cannot see where their future lies and what will happen in the future.


Unfulfilled Expectations


After working for several years, I have not Peru Phone Number List achieved my original expectations, such as buying a house, saving money, etc. I see my peers and friends living a good life, getting high positions, and living a financially free life soon, while I am still struggling. This huge gap with my original expectations adds pressure to me.


3. See the reality clearly and gradually give up on yourself

Seeing that they have been in the company for several years but have not made any progress or outstanding performance, people will see the reality clearly and realize that their abilities are not as good as they imagined. Some veterans will begin to accept the cruel reality: admitting that they are just a mediocre worker in this life, and even gradually give up on themselves, thinking that they have reached their limit and there is no hope even if they work harder.

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Worrying about age


The longer you work, the older you get. When you first start working, you think you are still young and have a lot of time to explore the world, but as you get older, you start to feel all kinds of anxiety. For example, it is embarrassing not to have your own house at the age of 40 or Argentina Phone Number List to be in the same position as newcomers at the age of 30.

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