Digital Marketing and Content Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing tools also include the discipline that deals with developing texts or creating content that encourages user involvement. Content marketing aims to encourage, in its conversion phase, the monetization of the website itself. Read also: Content Marketing for companies explained by a carpet merchant Example of content marketing for e-commerce. Let’s go back to children’s clothing. A content marketing strategy plays a predominant role when you decide to focus on the site’s blog. A news, magazine and in-depth section curated in detail acts as a magnet for potential customers. Content marketing fits into the logic of the Marketing Funnel, constituting one of the most effective inbound marketing strategies.

A digital marketing strategy based on content involves

The publication of texts written with SEO techniques. These help the user make a decision in the ZMOT ( Zero Moment Of Truth ). That is, when someone searching on Google has NOT yet formed a clear idea about a certain topic. He is looking for information that better defines his propensity Telegram Number Database to purchase. The type of text that can be created essentially has no limits: you can “limit yourself” to the simple  evergreen text that always guarantees visits, or opt for company news and then move on to the e-commerce product sheets or the one for newsletter. 6. Email Marketing and digital marketing strategies Promotional emails were one of the first tools used in a digital marketing strategy. In the form of direct campaigns, transactional email newsletters , etc.

Despite a long history behind them

DEMs have recently changed a lot in their internal structure and their approach towards the recipient. Have you also had the experience of trashing an email before even reading it? Gmail automatically tabs those it deems “Promotions” and stores them in a special section without them even appearing in the main dashboard. Causing the frustration of millions of Email Campaign Managers around the world! In recent years, those who study and draft emails to send to prospects and customers have had their work cut out for them. Once upon a time it took a good list of emails, perhaps contacts acquired from third parties or through a CPA SEM campaign ( see above ). Four/five lines were HK Phone Number written with little concrete meaning and it was forwarded to everyone. Without distinction. Don’t make that face! Before, digital marketing strategies did not exist and texts were very “standardized”. Today the focus is on creating emotional content for email marketing too.

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