Decoy Effect Marketing, Price Psychology Tricks to Influence Consumers!

Decoy Effect or Decoy Pricing or also Influence Consumers known  as the Attraction Effect. The Decoy Effect is a psychological marketing strategy that is closely related to the world of marketing , where a consumer tends to change his choice between two options when given an unbalanced third option.

These choices make one price unreasonable.

While one looks very profitable. Photo by micadew on Flickr That means indirectly, intentionally Price Psychology Tricks making a product sell less, right? That’s right, initially  Australia Telegram Number Data many buyers didn’t realize this strategy by adding a product that was made less attractive at a price that seemed detrimental to buyers. OK, so that you don’t get confused because this doesn’t really make sense, we’ll try to simulate it.

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For example, when you are watching.

At the cinema and want to buy popcorn. There will be cinema employees ready to offer popcorn at several price options. Examples like this: Small Afghanistan Telegram Number List  is priced at IDR 30,000, and medium size popcorn is IDR 50,000. Most people will of course choose small size popcorn to save more or choose medium size with a larger portion. However, with the addition of one  the medium size will think again about the difference of IDR 5,000 rupiah with a larger portion.

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